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Reply To: Beta Tester Presets


Here are 3 of my favourite Presets using Tricerachorus. 

This is a link to a private soundcloud playlist so you can hear what they sound like. https://soundcloud.com/ziyanhossain/sets/h9-zh-presets/s-oPMEb

GH0$TZ – a note follows the picked/plucked note. This sounds great while muting or playing tapping parts. Gives a lush feel to chords and notes. Exp and Hotswitch both add different flavours of spice. Good for ambient/hip hop/electronic stuff.

WARBLZ – Uses vibrato for a bit of a subtle warbly undertone. Hotswitch changes the sound slightly and makes the warble less prominent in the mix. EXP heel/toe – full sweep creates a ‘glitch’ type effect.

SUMMER – fun summery chords that devolve to a darker, celestial/alien sounding tonality with Hotswitch. EXP adjusts ENV mix and R depth to create a subtle shift in tonality.