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nickrose wrote:

Sorry you are having problems, especially as you are a long time H9 guy.

But, to help us help you, you should give a detailed description of your setup.

For example, you seem to be connecting to the H9 both by iPad and by Tech21.  How is this ? At the same time, or different ?

What is the “ small hot button” – please use the descriptions in the UM, or it is hard for us to understand you.

Have you re-initialized the H9 ? If not, please do.

Also, try different new cables.

Sorry if the above is obvious, but there are usually reasons why these things don’t work.




the Tech21 pedal (midi mouse)is nothing more than a controller that allows me to scroll presets. I’ve been able to restore the ability to scroll presets with it but I keep getting the error message “Error code [SM_Response_Timeout] on my iPad.  Yes, I’ve reinitialized it but it doesn’t help. What’s more, I can’t update the firmware either because it says my laptop may not be the correct OS version, even though it is.