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nickrose wrote:

It is very difficult and often near-impossible to diagnose complex problems remotely. This will be as frustrating for the customer as for the unfortunate who is trying to help them.

It is helpful if you give complete information – my rule is to ask:


1) What did you do ?

2) What did you see ?

3) What did you expect to see ?

You will understand why “it didn’t fix the problem” is not helpful.

I suspect your problem is that you are trying to control the H9 from two different places – this will confuse it. Please totally disconnect your Tech21 from the H9 and see how it works.


what did I do?  Immediately after establishing a Bluetooth connection with H9 Control via my iPad, I select a preset.

What did I see?  The error message as written in my original post 

what did I expect to see?  NOT an error message. That said, once I clear the error message everything seems to work fine. 


Now regarding trying re-initialize the H9:

What did I do?  I held down the upper left Hotknob button while powering up the unit. 

What did I see?  The H9 appearing to re-initialize itself

What did I expect to see?  That the procedure would remedy the error message. But it didn’t so…

…per forum recommendation by someone who had a similar problem I attempted to update the H9’s firmware.:

What did I do?  I downloaded the firmware updater on my MBP 

What did I see?  A message“Eventde Direct Updater cannot be opened because of a problem…check w/developer to make sure it works with this version of osx” etc

for the record the site said that it should work with os 10.8 and higher (i’m running 10.9.5) but it doesn’t.

What did I expect to see?  “Eventide Direct Updater successfully opened” and then being able to successfully update the H9 firmware which couldn’t be done due to reasons outlined above. 


were you able to see the two pics I posted of my error messages?  Thanks for working with me on this