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nickrose wrote:

Boynigel wrote:

ive been using the Tech21 with the H9 for over 3 years but I’ll disconnect and see if it changes anything. 

That will be helpful. I am concerned about having two controllers.


i disconnected the Tech21 MidiMouse and I still get the error message. New details- I get the error message no matter what. In the past I said the error message didn’t come up until I selected something (via iPad control) but the simple fact is if I establish a Bluetooth connection and do nothing, within a few seconds the error message pops up.

Given that I am (technically) operational at this point with the H9, I am more interested in figuring out why I can’t update the firmware due to the fact that it’s telling me that my computers OS isn’t compatible with the download for the update (even though I have an approved OS). I already outlined the specific details of this in one of my responses above.