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Eventide Staff
Boynigel wrote:

Control works but i always get the aforementioned 2 error messages.  to be clear, i DID NOT update the firmware as there is no option to do so.  It only lets me update the software which i didn't do because according to the info given, i already am up to date. i thought that the communication error might have just been a glitch between the h9 and my ipad so i tried using control with my iphone which solved the problem.  then the next day i started experiencing the same issues with the iphone as well.

Have you tried resetting the network setting?

If you have this issue on all your devices (iPad, phone, Mac/PC), then that means it's not the OS's problem. Probably something is wrong with the Bluetooth module in your H9. In that case, you would need to send it in for repair.