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Eventide Staff
marcorocks wrote:
Thanks for the reply! I have the midi transmit to ‘On’ on the time factor per their video. It’s not pushing it over though. Does the modfactor need to be setup in a specific way to do it? As for midi mapping the aux switch how do I go about doing that? I just want to mirror the functions of the timefactor (bank up, down, bypass). If I can map it all, it would be one less bypass loop on my board since I always use both mod/time at the same time.

Besides MIDI Transimit, there is another setting called PGM.XMT or something similar, you would need to turn that on as well.

You can set the aux switch midi mapping by going to the Setting Menu by pressing the encoder and the right footswitch, then go to MIDI -> XMT CC -> TIP or RNG or T+R, then set the mappings there (like C100, C101, C102). Then you would need to go the the MIDI setting on your ModFactor, and in [RCV CTL] – Receive Continuous Control Message, assign those MIDI messages to the functions you'd like to use.

Page 51 has some useful info for you: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.eventide.downloads/Product+Manuals/TimeFactorManual.pdf