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tstern wrote:

javiceres wrote:
… I also wonder whether the Tap Tempo allows for long times so you can use it to tap the start and end of a loop. Then switch between Hold and regular feedback to achieve degradation at will. This Rose evoques Eno/Lanois, Fripp, David Torn, Radiohead and many more to me.

Re. Tap Tempo, that’s a good idea.  I’m not sure what the current timeout is for the tap tempo, but we can definitely consider extending it to phrase length (again, if possible)



Any news about the Tap Tempo feature to splice in and out long loops on time accurately?

What’s the actual timeout for the tap button?

I miss this feature on the Rose so much!

It would make the pedal to become USABLE at last and not just for experimental blips and blops..

There’s no display to see the actual delay time so I struggle to dial precise delay times (the micro-short and super long)

it’s impossible to punch in long loops on time with the music accurately. 

Something that Strymon Volante excels at guys..

Are you listening??