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It’s a complex algorithm, in an interactive sense.  There could be several things going on here.

I saw on TGP that you were running mono -> stereo.  If, for example, you have DEPTH R turned up, and DEPTH L OFF, it’ll shift to a Dry/Wet configuration.  I’d think that would be very obvious with ‘phones, but it’s worth looking at your DEPTH L-C-R balances.  If you’re using H9 Control, there are extended parameter descriptions under the INFO tab.

As for the Detune, there is a range of values around 2 o’clock.  You can detune an 8 cent difference between left & right amounts, and that will definitely shift the stereo image.  Try detuning both sides the same [L 15 R -15].  In WIN XX, I use CTRL+mouse to slowly dial in exact values.

If you have a very high CHORUS MIX setting [76-100], you could be hearing the ‘lump’, as the LFO shape morphs from TRI to SINE.  Remember, you have potentially 3 LFO waveshapes crossing over each other at points, as they modulate from the same base DELAY time.  That’s part of the beauty of TriceraChorus.

Probably detune fine-tuning, but I gave you a few possibilities.  Try starting out with everything centered in the stereo field, then gradually blend in your wider parameters.  I have a stereo rig here, and can see what happens when I mirror your preset parameters.  I could use an approximation of where you have all 10 parameters set.