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marcusm750 wrote:

mjahoger wrote:
I was able to recreate a circular delay using two H9s with the first H9 set up as a mono delay of 888ms with some feedback, and the second H9 as a panning delay set for 584ms on delay A and 292ms on delay B with neither delay A or B having any feedback. I am still experimenting which (combination of) TFactor algorithms are best suited for the circular delay sound. Hope this helps some of you.

Yeah, this is what Steve Lukather does these days (since ditching his rack gear) with three Hardwire DL8s, one for the panning and two in series for the circular.

The circular is a good approximation.  I run my TimeFactor mono into my H9, stereo out into a pair of Fender Princeton Reverbs spaced about 10 feet apart.  Since there’s no diffuser, I use the Vintage Delay in both the TF and H9 with heavy bit crush and top-end roll off.  With the amps spread out, it really does achieve a swirling effect which, after all, is the whole point.

A slightly more accurate method is to run the three delay lines in parallel to simulate the multi-tap.  This requires a mixer on the back end (I use the good ol’ Rane SM26), however, you get better control of the panning and can also implement the -3 dB attenuation on the 292 ms (right) tap.

Over the weekend, I also was able to get some good sounding panning delays using the Resonator algorithm by setting the delay time to the maximum value, the rythm of the taps to 2,4,6,6, and the resonance at 0. Some reverb can be added to have a little bit of “smear” on the delays, and the filters for each delay line set close to zero, to keep them dark sounding.

Unfortunately, it is still not the same as having a true multitap/plexstyle delay…