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PhaseShift wrote:
Hey guys! Just updated my H9 to the new firmware 5.8.5[1] and I am having a strange issue with preset imports. I saved a preset on my phone (iPhone6s) , and saved it to my iCloud Presets folder. Then tried to import the preset into my iPad (Pro9.7) via the drop down menu option, and I get and error saying: "An error occurred importing the preset___________. The given file is not a valid preset!" Tried this with a bunch of other presets, even the "missing presets" for the TriceraChorus from the earlier post. But NO GO. I can copy the settings over manually of course, but it's kinda tedious. And I already lost alot of my old presets when the entire "miscommunication error" occurred between my H9 and iOS devices. This was before H9 Control made the leap to Preset Cloud sharing. Please Help!!!! Thanks ALK

On iOS 13, you would need to put the preset file under the local H9 Control folder in the Files app. Here is an example demonstrating how to do that: