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bohan wrote:

emilianoscippo wrote:

Hey!! I have a problem routing my Prophet 8 desktop to my H9.

The problem is that i connect the 2 outs of my Prophet to my 2 ins of the H9 and the 2 outs of the H9 to my soundcard and the problem is that the sound signal of the H9 is output on 1 monitor only and not by the 2.

For example: I have the prophet in the right monitor and the signal procesed by the H9 in the left monitor. Is there something i am connecting wrong??


Is the output 2 muted at all? If you connect Prophet 8’s outputs to your interface directly, does that work correctly? If you connect to you H9 in H9 Control, and go to “Pedal Settings”->”Input Gain and Level Meters”, what do you see there?


Hey!! I see exactly the same that i hear, of the right monitor the signal of the synth and of the left monitor the signal processed with the H9