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Eventide Staff
marcorocks wrote:

I've been using this setup for a few weeks now where my Eventide Timefactor with Aux Switch sends preset changes to my H9 to work with my bands' set. No issues. 

The only change I made was using a Eventide Power Factor 2. I am using the 7th and 8th power sources since they were made for these pedals. 

Now, the H9 is freezing up after about 5 minutes of use. I went back to the factory power and it seems to work. Is the Power Factor 2 not compatible with the H9? Do I need to adjust the dip switches for the Eventide pedals?

Please help, I am prepping for my bands vinyl release this weekend and I need to get my pedalboard in order. 

Eventide Power Factor 2 should work with H9. Could you please do more testing for us?

1. Could you make sure the factory power supply always work in your current setup?

2. What if you use the 5th or 6th power outlet and adjust the corresponding dip switche to 9V?

Let us know how it goes.