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Stych wrote:
… one of my favorite pedals is the MXR M148 Micro Chorus.  I love the sound, the simplicity, the easy versatility, and even the little boost it gives.  BUT it of course has some drawbacks, in that it’s kinda noisy, and kinda mono as well …

Well, I don’t own a Micro Chorus.  I did listen to a quick demo of it.  But I thought it’d be fun to try, by using the published specifications alone.  First, I thought about using the various Chorus algorithm TYPEs (probably ORGANIC), Mod Delay, SpaceTime … all doable.  But why not the latest ‘n’ greatest TriceraChorus algo?


Expression pedal mapping simulates the single RATE control:

  • RATE – 0.25 Hz. to 7.5 Hz.
  • DEPTH Center – I dropped the extreme 90 depth to 50 for fast RATEs.
  • DELAY – Best guess with reversing 6.8 mS to 4.2 mS at faster RATEs.

TONE – Also best guess at HI CUT 65 being close to the 20 Hz. – 4.5 kHz. frequency response [delay signal].

OUT LEVEL – a little boost with +3 dB.  6 dB sounded a bit too much.

I left the effect pretty strong [CHORUS MIX 75; DEPTH C] to preserve that pitch wobble.  Adjust to taste.  TEMPO, DETUNE MIX, DETUNE, and ENV MIX aren’t used in these presets.


The other expression pedal extreme (at full Toe) below:

Stych wrote:
… I think a simple patch on the H9 could match the sound, get rid of the noise, and give a HUGE stereo sound.  I know this sounds like a pretty simple task, but I kinda suck at this stuff, so any shoves in the right direction would be appreciated …

The easiest way to get huge is to drop out DEPTH C, and bring up DEPTH L & DEPTH R; sweeping 240 degrees apart.  Again, I tied those two parameters to the expression pedal, so they weren’t as deep at faster RATEs.