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bohan wrote:
FrankvonWelt wrote:
Hi folks, I use my H9 max with synthesizers. In a live situation I have two Mono synths i would like to run thru the H9. And I would love to just hook up both to the H9 before sending the stereo out to a mixer. Is there a way to mix the 2 Mono to one stereo signal pre FX ? I already saw similar questions here. But no real solution. And the routing options in the general settings seem not to be able to do this. Thank you. Frank

If you just want to sum the two mono inputs, you would need a mixer or something similar. You can also plug 2 synths into the input 1 & 2 jacks of the H9. But in this case the effect applied to both inputs might be different. For example, if the Delay Mix or Pitch Mix is at A10+B10, the Delay/Pitch A will affect the input 1, and the Delay/Pitch B will affect the input 2

Thank you. No it’s not just mixing. But at the moment i will hear one synth only on the left side and the other one only on the right side. (Plus maybe some stereo wet signal on the stereo out. It would just be nice to center them both at the stereo output before effecting them.
I know that an extra mixer will solve this problem but in a Club the room I get is always limited and I don’t wanna carry a second mixer with me just for this use case. Let’s say I ask for this as a feature request. Maybe you consider to do this one day in a future firmware update.