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Quick followup (maybe not).  Since I was winging the original emulation, I’m curious as to how the MXR Rate knob matches up to the H9 RATE control in these preset(s)?  Not necessarily how accurate the entire preset is.  Specifically, how fast the cycling is with equivalent knob positions in each.

It struck me later on that the DEPTH and DELAY controls followed a linear path: Halfway through the expression pedal throw (at 50) was very close to halfway through the programmed range of values.


The RATE control indicates being halfway through, but the actual RATE value has traveled very little [0.25 Hz. to 1.40 Hz.].  And at 75% travel (below), the other mapped parameters are about 75% through their ranges.  But the RATE is 3 Hz. & change, out of a total range to 7.5 Hz.

So, relative to the expression pedal throw, and other mapped controls, the RATE values are non-linear, exponential.  Slow RATE changes to start.  Rapid burst in RATE changes at the finish line.


So my point to all this?  I think this makes for some musical, nuanced effects.  For most of the expression pedal [HotKnob] travel, you’ve hovering at the lower RATEs.  Arguably more useful territory, but still with a lot of interactive movement.  Pump it (slowly) like a wah pedal.

DEPTH is increasing; DELAY is decreasing …  And in the final 1/4 – 1/8 of pedal travel, you can punch in more rapid, vibrato-like FX.  On individual notes; not unlike polyphonic aftertouch in synthesizers.  “Magical” stuff.

My other point being … How did you find this to compare to the MXR Rate control?  Nothing too specific: maybe fully CCW; fully CW; 12:00, and maybe some ‘clockface’ points in-between?  For curiosity’s sake.