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Neglected to add the 25% expression pedal image.  And that gives me the chance to drop in a small option.  The HotSwitch (along with EXP PED mapping) allows for snapping in a HUGER MXR Micro Stereo mutation.

The tweaks:

  • CHORUS MIX – Dropped down to 50:50 dry/wet.
  • DETUNE MIX – Starts at 0.  Tripping the HotSwitch sends it to 35.
  • DETUNE – ‘Hidden’ with HotSwitch OFF.  Lopsided spread to shift the stereo image.
  • TONEFLAT  Had to brighten this one up.

So, it’s already an animated, swirling stereo preset with the HotSwitch OFF.  By contrast, more open and clear.  HotSwitch ON brings in a denser version:  Hollow, murky, somehow darker (but not), with subtle cancellations [thru-zero-ish], little entrances, and side-to-side movements,  … One of those things you don’t really notice that they’re ON, until they’re OFF.