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Eventide Staff
Chalky wrote:

I aolutely love my H9, and still using it after 5 years in spite of trying out advances in other pedal platforms, but I'm as frustrated as hell over the H9 Control software…. all I want to do is move presets around for different performances and then save what I have done as a batch of the changes I have made,  but I dont see there's a way of doing that without the B*Q*X thing insisting on saving ALL of the presets EVERY time you make a move .. it seems so clumsy and disruptive to the flow of the simple process I want to achieve that I tend give up and go and make a cup of tea .. 

…. or am I being stupid (not about the tea)?

You can make different preset lists in H9 Control and send any of them to your H9 for your different sets. Or you can load/change/save presets individually on/to your H9 as well.