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Eventide Staff
TomFr wrote:

Hello, somebody from your staff gave mi this advice yesterday on facebook:

Please try to reinitialze your H9 by powering it up while holding the black knob and the right footswitch. You can install the software using the Device Manager software via USB. https://www.eventideaudio.com/…/product/13388/installers If this doesn't solve your problem, please contact us at support@eventide.com with the serial number of the H9.


I did everything – but it still crashes down or freezes. After this I tried to update it through the h9 control but the programme freezed as well as the h9 did (and again it shows one letter on the display).


At this point the h9 shuts down after few seconds after I power it up.


What should I do now ?



Hi I saw the video you posted on Facebook group. UPDATE-ERASE-WRITE is part of the updating process. This problem happens when you unplug the power when the update is still going on. If the unit works fine before the update, your H9 is likely fine. Here is what you can try:

1. Use Direct Updater to update your H9 via USB. (Direct Updater comes with H9 Control, you can find it in the H9 Control folder or just suearch it in the Start menu)

2. Power up your H9 while pressing and holding the HOTKNOB button to boot in the update mode

3. Click "Search for device" in Direct Updater, select the latest sofware version and update your H9

4. Wait patiently until it finishes and H9 will restart

Let me know how it goes.