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ollenys wrote:

I run my H9 with an SP-H9 expression pedal from Mission Engineering. It works perfectly and I really enjoy the dubble functionality with the footswitch on the "toe".

I also have two Strymon effects, Big Sky and Volante. I'm trying to controle them with my SP-H9, thru the H9, via midi. Is this possible? It's hard to find any info on how to set this up, any tip or link that kan help me succeed?

My rig is mainly controled by midi so all my gear are set to different midi channels.

Well there are two solutions:

1. Connect the expression pedal to your MIDI controller and have the controller send different MIDI messages to your H9, BigSky and Volante.

Or 2. Connect the expression pedal to H9, and have your H9 send out MIDI messages to your BigSky and Volante. You can set the MIDI CC output mappings in the settings menu. (Press and hold the HOTKNOB and the right footswitch, and go to the MIDI setting)