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I”m a bit late to this thread, but I have the solution.

This is my Logic Pro X setup allowing me to live harmonize with MIDI input like the “Prismizer/Messina”

You want 4 channels:

  1. Dry Vocal (DV)
  2. Hardtuned Vocal (HV) 
  3. Hardtuned Rootnote Vocal (RV)
  4. OctaVox (OV)

Here’s the setup:

1. DV – Create Audio Track

  • Prefader Send to Bus # > creates 2. HV
  • Prefader Send to Bus #+1 > creates 3. RV

2. HV – Use pitch correction plugin to hardtune this incoming vocal to the scale of the song you will sing.

3. RV – Use pitch correction plugin to hardtune incoming vocal to the rootnote of the scale (Single tone only)

4. OV – Create Software Instrument track and choose MIDI Controlled OctaVox instrument.

  • Sidechain in OctaVox from RV channel
  • Copy settings from the attached OctaVox MIDI Setup picture

You should now have a live MIDI Harmonizer setup (in Logic Pro X)

*Change Scale and Rootnote settings and save Track Stack as a User Channel Strip Setting for each Key/Scale to make the process more efficient*

*It would also be great to have a Chromatic Scale option in the OctaVox settings…cheeky*