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bohan wrote:

So this new version now can work with Bandhelper without any problem?

How did you realize that the app is running and draining the battery when you’ve closed it? Let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

There appears to be a little orange dot right before the name on the app icon on my home screen. When I installed the newest update of H9 control it was not there. As soon as I clicked on it to open H9 Control the little orange dot appeared. That to me signaled it was on. 

I tried the H9 control app with Bandhelper and it worked great. I then just closed everything and set my iPad down for the night. I never turn it off and have never had a problem. Next morning the battery was dead. If the iPad is turned on , it takes forever to charge. . I have tried closing the H9 control app with instructions from Apple but it doesn’t seem to help. The little orange dot will not turn off.

whether the dot has anything to do with it or not I do not know. What I do know is nothing has changed on my iPad but the H9 control app and now the battery is being drained at a quick rate if it is on and I have to turn it off to charge it.