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Eventide Staff
ollenys wrote:
The H9 requiers that I set a specifik midi Transmit Chanel. That means that I can’t use it to controle two units with different midi channels? I would prefer to set the midi transmit channel to omni while the Volante and BigSky ignors exp-midi as long as i don’t specificly program the preset to respond.

You are right.

ollenys wrote:
In the XMT CC dialog I can chose the destination CC# from 1-99, wich is unfortunate when the Volante seemes to be set to receiver on CC# 100. Is this correct or do I missunderstand something?

Correct. Let me talk to my colleague and see if this is something we can improve. We might implement this in the future but it would likely take sometime cause we don't update firmware very often and we just released one early this year.