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This seems like the best place to drop this one.  I needed a deep, resonant filter sequencing.  ‘Welcome Back My Friends’ ELP opener, but more intense.  I have a lot of random modulation presets to choose from for processing the input … https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/forum/stompboxes/some-random-h9-presets … but then HotSawz came to mind, as the complete package.

Disclaimer wrote:
You’re going to need some (external) source of sample-and-hold control here.  For expression input, along the lines of:

  • EHX 8 Step Program [Depth = 5]
  • Source Audio Reflex
  • Copilot FX Broadcast
  • TWA Side Step
  • Other LFO-to-EXP pedal, with a Sample & Hold (or Random***) waveform

MIDI / synth people … you know what you have to do:

  • Sequencer / DAW
  • Synth outputting Arpeggiator / Sequencer CC values
  • RND CV [0-3.3V]
  • Lexicon MPX-1
  • Molten Voltage add-ons
  • A really fast foot on your switching looper
  • Others I’ve left out

A small amount of dry input – pick attack, aided by fast ATTACK / DECAY.  Some GATE SUST & ENVELOPE to fatten it out.  Medium OSC DEPTH & detuned oscillators.  For the minimum expression position, enough CUTOFF & RESONANCE to always be present.  That hefty OUT LEVEL worked best for my gain staging.


At the other extreme [Toe position], full on CUTOFF & RESONANCE.  I added a little LFO AMOUNT with the HotSwitch.  The beauty of using an external device with a pass-through expression input … is that you can fade in the overall sequencing effect.  A nice synthesizer filter growl at the Heel position.

But also acting as a ‘master level’ over the random steps.  In this case, the CUTOFF & RESONANCE position [via the pass-thru] sets the upper limit over the sequence steps.  Result?  Gradually introducing the RND sequencer, while raising both the CUTOFF & RESONANCE at the same time.


As an example (in the 8 Step Program), set the overall Depth to 5.  Change the Exp. Mode to Depth, for the pass-thru pedal.  Don’t set the sliders like the image above.  Give them a nice range from minimum to maximum values.  The order really doesn’t matter.

With any external device used, let the Random*** control or waveform do all of the heavy lifting.  We’re looking to bounce among 8, 16, or more discrete combinations of CUTOFF & RESONANCE.

***Boring Random Addenum wrote:
You’re going to see the terms Random and Sample & Hold / S&H used interchangeably.  Fair enough:  either one works.  In my mind, “random” implies a continuously variable control, without discrete steps.  “Sample & Hold” was what I was after.  But again, either will work, and the control label could be either one.  It might ‘glide’ between steps (or allow for some waveform skewing), or it might snap from step to step.