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Hey. I am intrigued by this pedal, it is a sleeper really. An aqcuired taste. But how much I’ve scorned Eventides sites and Gear whatever forum, I’ve never figured out if this pedal is – finally – one of those rare beasts that sports:

Sampe Rate Modulation ?

Because, when I read the sketchy user guide, and the signal diagram, the thought occured to me and I had an inkling. So is it ?

Only Lexicons early Prime Time, PCM-41, 42 from the late 70s early 80s had these, and belive me, if there’s one thing you can’t do with PC/Mac plugins and modeller it is this. The software that came out that mimicked these units were soundling like a joke. The difference from other modulated delays are that it changes the sampling rate of the delay, Giving pitch, time, length, in real-time, modulating it with a variety of waveforms. For example I could never ever get Pat Methenys chorus sound without any Lexicon (and Steve Morses either, later on). Why I don’t know… but I figured out this was about this. The other modulated delays are regular LFO swept detune modulations, and time modulated delays, and pre- post- modulated delays basically. While they sure have their merits too, of course, I find this very intriguing if this should be the case. Now, Lexicon and Pat Metheny chorus was in stereo though, but basically it’s something positively different to it, if it’s sample rate modulated.

So is it ?