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Honch wrote:

Hey. I am intrigued by this pedal, it is a sleeper really. An aqcuired taste. But how much I’ve scorned Eventides sites and Gear whatever forum, I’ve never figured out if this pedal is – finally – one of those rare beasts that sports:

Sampe Rate Modulation ?

Because, when I read the sketchy user guide, and the signal diagram, the thought occured to me and I had an inkling. So is it ?

So is it ?

My understanding is you are talking about delays based on the Variable Sample Rate technique.

For what I know the Rose is precisely that.

Bear in mind though, that the sound character of every unit depends on more elements other than the aforementioned alone.
For instance, the Rose has way more dynamic range and way broather frequency response spectrum available.

That said:

1-It can operate at several selectable frequency response widths.

2-It has a true analog low pass filter (hi cut) that actuates on each repetition, gradually darkening the echoes. Including the first repetition

Older digital delays (including the VSR variety) relied on heavy analog processing to compensate for the shortcomings of the digital tech of the day.
AFAIK The Rose uses the same style of analog treatment but since it has modern digital specs (dynamic range/headroom, freq response) it shouldn’t play as big a role.

It’s a bit like same techniques and principles but with modern high end specs (more so for a pedal). I’d really really love to put it through its paces.