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bohan wrote:

Honch wrote:

Sampe Rate Modulation ?

So is it ?

I’ve found these 2 posts for you. I think your question is well answered there:



Yes thank you very much!

javiceres wrote:
My understanding is you are talking about delays based on the Variable Sample Rate technique. For what I know the Rose is precisely that..

Yes yes, thank you thank you, I knew it.VERY good to know. i’ve always wondered with all these tape emulations, Volante, and the like and the current trend to mimick old vintage tape delays, but digitally. But SANS the negatives. I’ve always wondered why no one has taken onto mimicking vintage analog delays, WITHOUT the negatives that came to it, short times, aliasing, lesser bandwidth and whatever. I think it is a good take on this, and fills a void actually.

But then again, not too many people have encountered the benefits of Lexicon PrimeTime, or PCM-41,42 and the like. So they never knew what they were missing. They were too expensive at the time. And Pat Metheny and Steve Morse may have been the only guitarists to use those expensive studio racks, as on stage effect gear at the time. They were mostly in the studio, residents, occasionally on FOH engineer PA effect racks but never used for instruments on stage as a one-trick-pony pedal. I do think MXR’s first rack time-machine was like that too, but can’t be sure about it.

OTOH I think 25 presets – now – together with the option of a exp pedal with different settings at heel and toe positions, makes it actually the A/B 50 “preset” that may come into good use.

Regarding 50 seconds tap tempo. That’s why I ALWAYS favored STRUM TEMPO. It works much better. TAP TEMPO with foot works the best in medium tempos, like a drummerd bass drum foot, but are impossible to NAIL if it gets shorter like 110 ms taps, or something like that. also, if the loop point or delay tap is largeer than 1-2 seconds, going over a few bars there’s a greater risk of missing with the foot, because it takes too long time, but with plucking hand pick, you can wait ages, but whenever you pluck it to nail the second tap, it’s dead on.

So, Foot taps, works mostly between medium-fast tempos. Strum taps works there too, but beats tap temp for shorter taps like slapback echos, or longer “frippertronics” length taps, above 2-3 seconds and above. You nail it much better with your picking hand or fingers. Dead on. And since this one can make 50 seconds, it’s made to use “ambient soundscapes” off.