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javiceres wrote:

Bear in mind though, that the sound character of every unit depends on more elements other than the aforementioned alone.

Yeah yeah, of course, but anyway. Today’s nitpicking about which EP-3 tape modelling that is the best we’re always talking about the finer details that makes up a whole. For example. Although there are other things that may make up the whole, I quote from the other links of what Lexicon themself said:

“and we always liked something about the sound of sweeping the sample rate”

“we remember that there was something different about the sounds that those old non-standard pieces of gear created”

I e there is something to VSR or Sample Rate Modulation that brings its own flavor, that can’t be possible in any other way. There’s something to it if you modulate in great ranges, like from 50 ms up to 2 seconds. When it’s down at 50 ms and makes a turn the fidelity is higher (bandwidth) and as it goes up in 2 seconds the fidelity lessens, like the old gear did. Now, with Rose this has been solved in other ways, But still, there are something to VSR that gives a certain scent, vapor to the overall sound. And if you put on top those out there, wild extremes of self oscillation and such things, you can go places without having anything to hit the ceiling of digital headroom. This Rose can self-oscilate and go overboard.

(another topic, why ****** can’t one cut and paste text from other posts into here, or from anywhere else? Why must the forum be so 80s too, just leave that to the pedals?…;-))