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JoBonanas wrote:


1) This seek-way sound as seen on Zvex Seek-Was.  I am a big 311 fan and the intro to their song Flowing has this effect at the very beginning.  Here is a clip…



2) I believe the other effect I am trying to achieve is called a “Growler” effect.  I think its based off of a roland synth and a mu-tron 3.  Has sort of a growl to it when notes are played.  Here are some clips.  I believe this is achieved using a Line6 box.  In an ideal world I’d rather use one of your boxes to get these sounds


In the below clips it’s at 5;30 in



Or the very beginning of this next clip


For #1, I don't think you can get the exact same sound but you can get something close by using the Resonator.

For #2, I think Octaver can make you happy.

You can listen to some demos here: