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bohan wrote:

NMillroy wrote:

I used to own a H9 core which over time I converted to a H9 Max by purchasing the required number of algorithms. I believe I reached the number of required algorithms through the H9 Max out program offer. The “My account” section on the settings tab of the H9 Control App indicates I have 12 “purchased” and 1 “coupon” algorithms. 

I reluctantly sold that H9 but now considering purchasing a H9. If I was to purchase a H9 core or H9 standard would my account max it out? I’m guessing it won’t but could someone please clarify? 

I believe you should be able to use the algorithms you previously purchased, but your H9 core or standard won’t be maxed out. You have to purchase required amount of new algorithms again to max out your new H9.

Will I be able to max out a new H9 core or standard though by purchasing the required number? The line on the Eventide website suggests not?

The MaxOut option can only be used once – it’s a one time deal. If you MaxOut and subsequently sell your H9 Max, you will not be able to MaxOut another standard H9 or H9 Core.”