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zajfman wrote:

I´m completly new to the Eventide realm, and have recently aquired a H9 Max. I have a question regarding the presets:

Let´s say I´m looking for the sound of a digital delay, or tape echo, or hall reverb, or chorus (etc.) without all the bell and whistles (without all the crazy mods). Are "core effects" available somewhere? Or do I need to tweak one of the existing presets, that came along with the unit?

I don´t mind tweaking. But here is my issue: Let´s say I´m looking for a vintage delay, and decide to tweak the existing preset "Streets". Without owning a vintage delay I have no idea how much I have to tweak the preset before it sounds like a regular vintage delay. I own a Strymon el Capistan, and was able to tweak the "Fibonacci Tape", so it ended up sounding like the Capistan.

Each algorithm has a default algorithm. You can access them by just double click PRESETS button and turn the encoder to change algorithms, which will load its default prest.

Do you use H9 Control? Normally the first factory preset (F1) is the default preset. The first a couple of presets in the list are core/basic presets. For example, F1 Streets in Vintage Delay, or F1 Lennon Slap and F2 Fibonacci Tape in Tape Echo.