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I am using it in a guitar rack, and was going to take the rack on gigs, so a mixer isn’t an option. My goal has been trying to replicate (in a somehow limited, but non-zero) the routing functionality of a Switchbalde or an Axe FX III. But it seems that short of using VSIg, whihc I do not want to do for building quick patches, it is still not really an easy thing to do in Emote given lack of connectivity of various FX Chains. Seems like having 4 great processors, but I really need only one. Dunno, I’m a bit frustrated at this point. I literally reconected my SwitchBlade as part of the rig, and was gonna use it to conenct the sets of analog I/O, but if I can’t use a MIDI floorboard, then I’m really SOL. So getting frsutrating to say the least.