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I thaugh I give you a little bit more background to this question. 🙂

Can a firmware adjustment substantially increase the customer value of the Eventide H9?

More and more pedals allow the user to control it via midi. No competitor can challenge the flexibility of an H9 but today, some of us build effect chains and clusters giving our pedal boards abilities close to a Bradshaw rack system.

Beside the Eventide H9 I use Strymon Volante and Big Sky. Both these pedals can receive CC# messages. Their firmware allows me to switch this on and off on a preset level.

Tweaking the H9 so it can send CC# messages on multiple midi cannels (Global) and expand the range from #99 to #127 would allow me to use the H9 as an expression pedal for all these effects. A sweep of one pedal adjusts the tone of multiple effects. How cool is that! J

I realize that primarily, the H9 is not built for this purpose. But trying to accomplish the same result with other tools seems to be almost impossible. I have been evaluating a lot of different solutions including:

·      Source Audio Soundblox Reflex Universal Expression Pedal

·      Mis­sion Engi­ne­e­ring Expres­sio­nator

·      MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller

No one of these options would make a good solution for me. I also find it hard to loose the smooth double functionality of my H9 that I get with my Mission Engineering SP-H9-WH.

During my research I’ve found a lot of different user groups discussing this topic, so I’m not the only one trying to find a solution. I hope this information will help you to evaluate if a firmware update would be possible.

All the best!