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Yeah it was easy.


If you wanted to make a small analog-exp-pedal to MIDI converter…it would cost $20, and you could send whatever CC on whatever channle you want to as many devices as you want, all simultaneously.

The board specified here is overkill by far, but it is what I have laying around. You could use the smallest/cheapest thing you can find, I bet.



Nano Board  $11.00

Enclosure $3.99 1590a

LED $1.15 optional

power jack $1.25

Midi Jack $1.50


Total $18.89


//multiple EXP pedal outs

//by Cameron Newell @the.nw.enterprise, http://thenorthwestenterprise.com/

//Built for Ardruino NANO EVERY


#include <Control_Surface.h> // Include the library 


// Instantiate a MIDI interface

USBDebugMIDI_Interface usbmidi(115200);                         // for serial monitor in ide

//HardwareSerialMIDI_Interface serialmidi = {Serial1, MIDI_BAUD}; //for normal operation via 5-PIN



/* Instantiate a CCPotentiometer object with multiple output channels

Assicn CC number from here:


This ia an analog POT with 5v, Ground and Signal.

“Expression Controller” is CC#11


CCPotentiometer device1 = {A0, {MIDI_CC::Expression_Controller, CHANNEL_1},}; // sends C#11 on channel 1

CCPotentiometer device2 = {A0, {MIDI_CC::Expression_Controller, CHANNEL_2},}; // sends C#11 on channel 2

CCPotentiometer device3 = {A0, {MIDI_CC::Expression_Controller, CHANNEL_3},}; // sends C#11 on channel 3

CCPotentiometer device4 = {A0, {MIDI_CC::Expression_Controller, CHANNEL_4},}; // sends C#11 on channel 4



void setup() {

Control_Surface.begin(); // Initialize Control Surface



void loop() {

Control_Surface.loop(); // Update the Control Surface