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alstrs wrote:

Here’s another part of it. It may only be happening when I’m running wet/dry. I’m only hearing it on the dry channel (no matter which amp I use for dry), and it does go away when relay bypassed. It’s still present for DSP & DSP+FX bypass, though. I’m going to stay in mono for a couple days and see if it recurs.

Is there any accounting for why it might happen in wet/dry or other stereo modes, but not in mono? It’s not a ground hum; it’s an irregular staticky crackle. And it does go away in true bypass.

I appreciate you helping me work through this.

I need to amend this previous statement. The noise is coming through both wet and dry amps, and also when I’m using only one amp on both wet and dry signal. Again, only when the effect is on or in DSP/DSP+F bypass mode; it goes away when relay bypass is engaged.