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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Adding a core H9 to my H9 max Reply To: Adding a core H9 to my H9 max

nsvilici wrote:

Okay, great. So If I have H9 Max, I can free of charge fill all of its alghorithms from H9 Max into H9 core.

In the matter of fact I will have than 2 H9 Max, right?

But, if I for instance then sell my ex-Core, it will revert to original “Core”

I have another silly question, so excuse me pls:

How H9 ex-Core (now H9 Max after free upgrade via his H9 Max brother) knows that he’s sold and that it has to be reverted to Core?



if the previous user shares your eventide account with you, you continue with an H9 Core extended to Max….