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I tend to work with the H9000 on a session by session basis and have figured my favorite go to effects in each category. As nice as the far out stuff is, I tend to use it as a meat and potatoes favorite verb, delay etc that sort of thing so there isn’t a lot of “this vs that” algo testing going on. I’ve saved sessions with my favorite configurations and some session information will never change, such as clocking info and ADC levels, etc. I did wish list in a prior post at least the ability to drag in stereo pairs, as making I/O connections can be a bit lengthy, even in a 16 channel I/O setup like mine. As far as Emote, how I work is I made a macro in Studio One which launches 8 stereo channels, 8 instances of pipeline properly configured and an instance of emote. 1 mouse click and this appears in my session. I find the stand alone version of Emote to be a touch smoother than the VST version, but as a VST I dont have to keep launching it so what I do is pin it open and drag it to another screen I have set up on the side typically used for controllers or plugins I want open but not in my face. Once the GUI is up and open, I dont find it laggy at all. Yes workflows can always be improved, and I have faith in time the H9000 will be vastly improved from its current state, not to say its currently bad at all. I just see the potential.