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Fender17 wrote:

There already is loudness war, megapixel war, …. Should we join sample rate and bit-depth war? Probably more important than sample rate is quality od A/D and D/A conversion and quality of DSP algorithms. And many other technical things.

That’s a false equivalence.  And I find it rather striking that you seem to be arguing that ignorance is bliss, or knowledge is irrelevant.  Knowledge is power.  It always has been and always will be.  I’m not saying the quality of the algorithms aren’t important, but I disagree that data rates aren’t important.  A sampling rate of 22.05KHz has a Nyquist frequency of  11.025KHz.  So anything above that will be cut off.  Now if you want to make the case that these higher frequencies are irrelevant and that 10bits of sampling depth provides sufficient dynamic range and low enough noise then fair enough.  That might be acceptable for an electric guitar, but I would not use your effects pedals with a synthesizer.