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there is no war, samplerate and bitdepth is never irrelevant. Ensoniq asr samplers “14 bit 44100” sounds “great”, but if you are after a clean/faithfull sound a emu ore yamaha sampler would at the time be the better choice. Yes as a example, using numerical integration/continuous model approach, nice sounding distortion can be achived at a lower samplerate, but even then samplerate does not become irrelevant. so instead of talking about conspiracy and war, why not just give people the info, so they can decide. What sounds great is a matter of personal opinion.

And yes A/D D/A converters is never irelevant either.

i just felt bad for kevin and wanted to support him, since his fair question was being rediculed.

now i am thinking since the samplerate is dynamic how cool would it be if it was user definable! 🙂