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jsaliga wrote:
 Sampling rate and sound quality are not mutually exclusive, and you seem to be arguing that one must chose one over the other.  I have both, fancy that! cool    Sample rate goes directly to fidelity.  Moreover, no sensible person would buy a pedal without trying it out.

My agument is that no sensible person would sort out certain pedal (made by renoved manufacturer) only based on samplerate it uses, without trying it out.:-)

Higher samplerate may bring better sound, but it may also bring worse sound if not engineered well, if algorithms used are poor, and so on. I may patch 192 kHz/32 bit pedal for you, but I give you garranty that it will sound terrible at best. 😉

Have you tried H9 in person?

I a not Eventide fan, but I have technical educaton and I know that implementation is quite often more important than datasheet numbers. And that things often surprisingly work very well even thought one may thing it may not work well. Engineering is mosly about compromises and the result is, what counts, not the means used to gain the result…