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jsaliga wrote:

And for the record I never said the Eventide sounded bad.  What I did say is that it has poor fidelity and I stand by that assertion.  You might care to take a look at this…


From a fidelity perspective I consider 24bit/96KHz the absolute bare minimum.  There are plenty of excellent effects pedals with DSPs that use a 96KHz sampling rate.

OK, I understand and accept that for you techspec is important.

That Caltech article is interesting. I interpret it in the way that 20kHz+ sounds switch the brain to alpha-wave state which goes on for some time after 20 kHz+ sound diminishes . But one does not hear the sound above 20 kHz. It just alters the state of brain and possibly perception of sounds below 20 kHz.

But at least I know, why I went into this conversation, now. The info that 20 kHz+ sound induces alpha state may be important for my “research” on influence of sound and movement to mind state. So, thanks for that info. It will be helpfull for me in future.