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XilburQost wrote:

Last month I downloaded the trial version of ShimmerVerb. I love it so much that I decided to purchase it. I downloaded and installed the purchased version, yet when I open projects containing ShimmerVerb I keep being advised that it will expire on Sept. 14. I have the purchased serial number and key. 

When I open ShimmerVerb in the iLok license manager, there’s no option for entering the serial number and key, just a message saying that it’s a trial version that will expire on Sept. 14.

How do I activate my purchased version of ShimmerVerb now so I don’t have to worry about it deactivating in four days?


UPDATE: I figured it out. All is good. smiley Turns out when I went to register online the pull-down Product Category menu says, “Native VST,” and I thought that referred to just VST products for Native Instruments Kontakt, not for all VST products.

I got the same expiry message when loading my DAW, Then I realised the confirmation purchase email tells you to register it online. Duh! Problem solved.