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Got my hopes too high… It worked just for a bit, now we’re back at stage 1, with the weird noise.

I’m done, I’m returning it, this has been nothing but a gigantic headache for me… and now I will have to return it to the US while I am living in Europe, and now have to spend more money that i didn’t had planned in shipping costs, etc. is just annoying and disappointing…

I don’t know if getting a new one or not tbh, in Europe the waiting time is way too long, and now IDK if these problems that I experienced are associated to simply a faulty unit or to a wider problem regarding power supply issues when purchasing overseas, and Eventide as a brand is not offering me additional solutions or answers further than ‘reboot it and update the firmware’ or ‘just return it’, even sort of suggesting that it’s my issue for having purchased it overseas.

Well I purchased it overseas because the available information (which is not official) points towards the fact that there should not be problems when using it with an adapter or with a pedalboard power supply. It wouldn’t be very useful to find some official FAQ from H9 users covering these issues for us when considering purchasing the unit in order to avoid headaches, because again, my experience so far has been nothing but frustrating, and it seems like it’ll be that way up until I get my money back or a new unit (Which I hope works if that’s my final decision, because it will probably will have to be purchased overseas again, since I can’t afford to wait over 1 month and a half for the possibility to buying it directly in Europe).

Let’s see how this plays out…