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Well, I thought I figured out the problem….just make sure there are no H9 editors open, no USB cables connected and MIDI will work…right?

Not so much. The H9 has a problem receiving MIDI downstream… period. It can be 2nd inline with an elaborate MIDI setup, and still work, but put it 3rd or 4th in a chain of connected MIDI devices…forget about it.  No program changes! Oh wait, I forgot, you can unplug your 1/4″ cables from it….then the MIDI will work. So you get the joy of seeing the program change. You don’t get to hear anything though, because there are no 1/4 inch cables connected…no big deal. 

I’ve seen other people online talking about this issue so I know I’m not the only one. Admit it Eventide…you know there’s a hardware issue.