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bsfreq wrote:

studionebula wrote:
Emote crashed while attempting to connect and took all of Cubase down with it. Now I can’t reopen that session without crashing Cubase; I worked around the problem by using Cubase’s option to temporarily deactivate all 3rd-party plugins and then deleting Emote from the session.

I’ve had a similar type of issue with Emote on my Macbook Pro running Mac OS Catalina (10.15.7). Ableton Live (10.1.18) would crash whenever loading a project saved with Emote plugin loaded (I’ve been using the AU-version of the plugin). I finally realized this was due to a sample rate mismatch. I’m using RME Fireface UFX+ as a master clock, and H9000 slaved via MADI. 

If my Fireface (and therefore H9000) sample rate doesn’t match the project settings, emote will panic and cause ableton to crash altogether. The solution was to change the sample rate from Fireface settings to match the project sample rate, and then load the project / start ableton.  I just have to remember my project sample rate settings in order to be able to load them. Of course this should not happen, and hopefully this will be fixed in next Emote update. 

I Should also mention that I don’t use the H9000 as an audio interface. It’s not even connected via USB. I only use Emote to control the H9000 via ethernet. That’s why it feels weird that Emote panics due to sample rate mismatches when all changes are done on Ableton and RME driver side. 


I was having all kinds of sample rate mismatches when I first got my H9000R back in January.  I had originally installed the USB driver just to test that out; I mainly use a RME setup.  My sample rate mismatches went away as soon as I uninstalled the USB driver.  Some kind of conflict obviously.