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Fantastic. It works as I would hope and suspect. You saved me a lot of time here. Thanks. #15 & #16 and might have taken me some time to realize what’s going on, even with testing.

One final question then, do those A & B trs expression midpoint consequences hold true for midi CC operation as well? I’m guessing so.

Hmm, that’s going to complicate creating alterations of endpoints for smooth transitions. I’ll have to store two sets of arrays, and test for expression location before changing one or the other. Doing it accurately would actually be much crazier, involving three sets, one for what’s there now, one for what you want, and one to emulate how to get there based on expression location based on what you can change until you pass through the middle. ..or something like that. – Having CCs for A & B of each parameter, or better yet, just as it is with one CC per parameter, but a toggle for whether incoming CC adjusts A or B would have made that sort of thing much easier.

I suppose if I were willing to go that far, it would make more sense to forego expression, and deliver full CC sets to just A (if midi bandwidth resolution supports that), with the expression taking place entirely in an an external morphing script.

I haven’t even hooked up any midi yet; I may discover there is some midi latency which nullifies such thinking.

I’m pretty happy with what it does already without any midi at all. Very smooth time and pitch for all that range.

In the category of single effect pedals this is the most thoughtful engineering I’ve ever seen, as one would hope for from a name-sake product, the way (and ui style) I like to design things myself. My middle name is also Rose.