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One final question then, do those A & B trs expression midpoint consequences hold true for midi CC operation as well? I'm guessing so.

That's correct. MIDI CC's work just like adjusting a knob on the Rose.


Having CCs for A & B of each parameter, or better yet, just as it is with one CC per parameter, but a toggle for whether incoming CC adjusts A or B would have made that sort of thing much easier.

This can be accomplished by sending an Expression Pedal MIDI CC value to select A or B and then sending the required CC parameters. An expression pedal CC value of 0 (heel down) selects A parameters; CC=127 (toe down) selects B parameters.


I suppose if I were willing to go that far, it would make more sense to forego expression, and deliver full CC sets to just A (if midi bandwidth resolution supports that), with the expression taking place entirely in an an external morphing script.

Yes, morphing completely in an external script is also an option. This should work just fine. If done this way, only the CC values that are morphing need to be sent, which is often less than the full set.