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tabjaker wrote:

Hey, so, myself and a number of KVR Effects forum folks own Anthology and are uccustomed to good, wholesome Eventide hospitality when new upgrades and plugins are released. Like other posters on KVR, I own nearly all of the H9 plugins series, yet the H9 Bundle price is really high, even with a discount ($150). Some on the KVR forum claim they received an offer of $29 for the Bundle upgrade. 

Is it true that some owners of most H9 plugins are getting better offers? Maybe it's a mistake? Please advise. 

Maybe a rep from Eventide can pop over to the KVR forum and explain.

Please note that the crossgrade for Anthology XI owners is $149 to Anthology XI. If you happen to own a few of the included plugins, you may qualify for a better price by doing an upgrade from those plug-ins. This is due to the fact that you don't surrender your Anthology plug-ins when you get the H9 Bundle. Sorry for the confusion. There are folks who own Anthology XI and 7 of the H9 plug-ins and they're the ones who are getting that $29 price. 

To confirm your price, please visit: https://www.eventideaudio.com/store/plugin/overview/14454 or send over an email if you have any questions.