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Eventide Staff
strangerinusall wrote:

2 Moog synths (mono) -> Scarlett 8i6 -> TimeFactor -> Scarlett 8i6 -> monitors

Question about this setup: Are you using the Scarlett as a mixer that sends signal to the TimeFactor, or are you feeding the TimeFactor from an auxiliary send in your DAW?

If you're connecting one synth to input 1 and the other to input 2, the TimeFactor perceives it to be a stereo signal, NOT A DUAL MONO PATH.

strangerinusall wrote:
1. When 'Dly Mix' is set to 12 o'clock I get proper stereo delay which is what I want. However, when I am using only A or B delay, then there is no longer stereo. Why is that? I check routing options in TimeFactor but I am not sure which one do I need to choose to always get stereo. Is there a way to make output always stereo even when using a single A or B delay?

Again, if you have one mono synth hooked up to each input, this is not going to work because the TimeFactor, upon sensing both inputs are connected, will treat the signal as a stereo signal, not two individual mono paths. In most algorithms, when DLY MIX is set to the midpoint, it hard pans the delays. If you're only using the synth hooked up to the left side, you'll only hear audio coming out of the left output.

strangerinusall wrote:

2. I thought it would be great to save some input/output slots on my Scarlett and use it like that: Moog synths (mono) -> TimeFactor -> Scarlett 8i6. However this combination works well when pedal is ON, however as soon as I turn it off, each synth goes into different left and right speaker. Is there not a way to mix both signals into one within Timefactor?

My response above applies to this question as well.