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rockindaveyd wrote:
Merry Christmas!

Thank you! Likewise.

rockindaveyd wrote:
The device is now essentially the master file, master control and organizer for all factory and custom algorithms.  I can create and push custom settings or lists to the stompbox (overwriting the factory ones on the box only) from the device.  The stompbox is essentially now just a slave to receive and facilitate those settings to an instrument.

Yes. But it’s also possible to edit and store directly on the front panel of the H9 as well, and back those sounds up later.

rockindaveyd wrote:
…if the device has a fatal error I may lose my custom stuff but the H9s can be restored to their original presets via the reboot/button combo; Sound about right?

If your device has a fatal error, yes, you may lose your lists; however, as a best practice, once you create a list, I recommend emailing it to yourself as a backup. There have been times where I left my iPad at home, but because I had the H9 preset list saved in an email, I was able to download it to my phone and use it there.

Note: Even though resetting the H9 works to recoup the factory presets, we also keep all the factory preset lists on the H9 web page, even the older versions.