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bohan wrote:

There is no hum noise even when the pedal is in DSP bypass?

bohan wrote:

Do all algorithms have this noise?

Yeap in all 3 bypass modes when H9 is not active i hear no noise.


It is not in all algorithms. At least i cannot hear it since its a light hum which is mostly audible in distortion effects like PitchFuzz Schnapps and other similar ones. I have tried adjusting the input gain but the noise is not audible only in levels where my effects are too low to be utlized in my mix. 

bohan wrote:

 What if you turn the Mix to 0?

This happens in many effects that dont have mix and the only control that makes a difference and eliminates the noise is out level which i guess its the same as lowering the input gain in general.

bohan wrote:

1) Reinstall the firmware

2) Adjust the input gain in the Pedal Settings page in H9 Control


I will try reinstalling. As far as input gain it makes no difference. No matter if H9 is low and channel gain in mixer high or the opposite. At the overall level which is needed in order for the effect to actually mix well if I have no signal sent i hear the hum.